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Our vision

With every m² we change the world.
For a clean environment and better quality of life

The SolteQ vision:
With every space we change the world.
For a clean environment and better quality of life

To enable every house to have a powerhouse, which gives the house a great aesthetic overall appearance. On the other hand covers the energy supply of the house as completely as possible. Energy, however, means not only electricity, but also heating energy. Photovoltaic yes, but with aesthetics.
The SolteQ goal:> 80% electricity autarky and 100% heating autarky.

One roof - 5 functions:
1. Great look for the house
2. Weatherproof roof cover - 100% rainproof
3. Power
4. Heating
5. Heat and cold insulation

The roof has to be affordable for everyone. With the SolteQ energy concept, the roof does not cost anything, it is more favorable than a clay roofing. Because it pays itself. And because it is synonymous under the bottom line no extra costs a month. Financing must be possible at the same cost as you have for your current cost of oil or gas.
Even "efficient" CHP and pellet heaters are on everyone's lips. Only these are cost-effective, such as the SolteQ heating package. For cogeneration plants and pellet heaters, GSS and pellets, thus fossil fuels, are still needed for operation, and costs continue to be incurred.
Our engineers have developed a heating system that is
- NULL Fuel required
- NULL CO2 generated
- NULL Operating costs
- 100% with the energy our great sun works, because there is enough energy on the roof. SolteQ makes them usable.

Roof surfaces are available,
Every house needs a roof. The roof of the future must and will generate energy. But yield is not everything, life quality is much more important. One builds a house for much money and heart blood. Then it must also look good, and not be blurred with unsightly "blue plates". For this reason, we  believe in the technology "photovoltaics", but only in a beautiful and aesthetic form. SolteQ, for example, has developed a new roofing system, namely a roofing system with a photovoltaic and solar thermal function.

We hope that our ideas and innovations will make a good contribution towards quality of life, clean energy generation and decentralization.

Since the 1970s, the SolteQ Group has been developing and manufacturing high-tech electronics products for a wide range of industries, including TV, radio, medical technology, automotive, military and more. Building on this wealth of experience, the SolteQ Group has diversified in the field of environmental technologies, with a view to making a technological contribution to the protection of the environment.
SolteQ GmbH was founded to develop electronic measuring and control technology for solar thermal, photovoltaic, wind power and other innovative products, based on our 30 years of experience in this sector. Our broad product spectrum for business and private customers includes, for example, the "energy roof", which combines photovoltaic solar cells with a classic roof tile design with a ventilated roof surface, which in combination with a heat pump contributes significantly to heat generation (heating, hot water). Compared with conventional PV systems, an additional yield of up to 36% is achieved, which contributes significantly to the energy self-sufficiency of the house.
With its products, the SolteQ Group makes a major contribution to the energy sector, particularly in the areas of energy and heat generation. As our products show, the technologies and products for a comprehensive energy market are already available on the market. Further solutions in and around the house are being further developed by our engineers and technicians for the House of the Future.

Our contribution to a clean planet

We only have one!

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Tel.: +44 (0)800 689 4194
SolteQ UK Ltd. Reg Office, 14A Main Street, Cockermouth, Cumbria, United Kingdom